Fate's Record

A trio of Scions: Max, Liam, and Naia, were exposed to reflections of the Titans on this world. Contacted by the Covenant they were brought into its fold, offered the protection it extends to those touched directly by the Titans and thus marked by their spawn. Attacked that night by agents of the Cheiron Group due to Max’s failure they took shelter in a Covenant safehouse. This temporary safety was soon abandoned however as news of the discovery of the Arkanham Sarcophagus and its transport to Chicago reached them. Tasked with retrieving it by both their mysterious correspondant and the leader of the Covenant, Setsuna, the group infiltrated the Field Museum.

In the deepest depths of the Museum the Sarcophagus was found open, it’s contents, the Antidilluvian vampire Gangrel, loosed upon the city. After a high speed chase which left both Jakob and Naia seriously injured, Gangrel broke away to regain his true strength after sleeping for millenia.



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