Karth's Personal Log

Entry 536: In the past three hours a lot of strange things have happened. I indeed made contact with others quite like myself. I don’t seem to get along with Mister Gibbs but I trust the personality clash has to do with the difference between a duty bound sap like myself and his need for emotional significance. I will have to be mindful of feelings I suppose. They will have to bare with me, I’ve always worked alone until now.

Entry 537: Visited by some shape shifter to make himself look like some dead friend of theirs they called “Alyssia” this Jack, or shape shifter claimed to belong to a group called the Martyrs. The Martyrs are apparently a group of rogue Scions that have joined the Titans in their goal to initiate their version of the Apocalypse. It seems contradictory to me that our main goal is to jump start our own Apocalypse. Surely there is a way to save the world without any Apocalypse happening. I shall have to look further into that possibility as I travel with these people like me.

Entry 538: It seems I am welcome as a member of this ‘Covenant’. I find it Ironic that our group is called the Covenant and we are searching for the Ark of the Covenant. Whether by coincidence or fate all roads seem to point towards Auschwitz where we’ll not only face a sixty year old highly trained group of Nazi gestapo who will apparently be backed by a group of Scions who call themselves the Martyrs who do not wish for us to find the Ark. I heard some rumors in Mi6 that Hitler himself didn’t actually die until the year 1951 because he was some how brought back to life through some occult activity for a brief period of time. Whether or not that has any relation to what is happening with this Scion business is beyond me but now I would be less likely to deny that fact.

Entry 539: Mission was a success, we have apparently retrieved the Blood of Caine, the first Vampire from the Ark of the Covenant, wrecked a concentration camp and made enemies with a group of Scions who fell back for a yet as uncertain reason. All made it back safely plus one Scion who calls himself Aaron and can teleport. Aelfrik and Naia seem to have a healthy sex life that involves kinky blood play, I doubt that information will ever be useful to me. Weird storm outside but perhaps it will help me sleep better.

Asher’s Godly Journal: I’ve come to realize why the gods are so weak compared to the Titans. I have a list of ten reasons.

10. Lack of Urgency 9. To much sense of self-importance 8. They hate each other almost as much as the Titans. 7. They apparently aren’t against killing their own brothers (See Set) 6. They like to make lesser gods like us do their dirty work. 5. The stupid tradition of Monarchy which while long antiquated on Earth is still largely in effect here. 4. No sense of humor, well, ok Loki seems pretty clever. 3. Liking to give us missions with seemingly insurmountable and impossible odds that could cause the deaths of all of us. Example, Hera trying to get me to get her some Orichalcum which would have caused Gaia, Terra, whatever the fuck her name is the other gods in my little band explained that theres many avatars of one Titan but it sounded like a bunch of horseshit. They are all the same fucking person. Creepy little fucking girl…where was I….ah yes. Orichalcum that would have killed the entire group and ruined the entire mission to stop the Titans. 2. Posturing. 1. Last but not least a severe lack of a list of priorities.

I told Hera to basically take her needs and shove them up her ass. Probably not the most intelligent move but the fact she appeared non-concerned with the mission to stop the titans as much as she did that Orichalcum and flat out told me that my friends…well…I don’t know if they call me friend but I respect them more then I did before now after this Wyrm slaying mission. She told me that my friends….weren’t as important as what I was supposed to do for her. I’m sorry but the mission must always come first.

By the way if she ends up telling me the Orichalcum was important for the mission to stop the Titans and tries to go on some rant about how I should have gotten it anyway I will tell her and the entire council to fuck themselves because if its important for the mission then you don’t fucking with hold that vital information. The others wouldn’t let me go near it, they wouldn’t have it. And frankly I cannot blame them. We don’t have time for the games of these old gods who in my mind have grown quite complacent. In fact the only Pantheon that seems to be serious Is Naia’s Pantheon, except they are serious about Death.

As far as individual gods go Hashiman is still the only one that I’ve seen true worry and fear in his eyes about whats going on. Sure Hermes shows a crap load of emotion likely misplaced in super fucking wonder boy Liam. Fucking all american athlete Greek mother fucker. No I don’t hate him, I’m just extremely envious of that cock sucker. And another thing. Why in the hell are he and Naia not together? It doesn’t make sense for her to be with that Vampy Prick Aelfrik and what the hell does she see in Jakob, he’s a god damn bossy nerd.

Anyway this entry has run its course and is far to long. I have a debriefing to go to and possibly an execution since Hera is petitioning for me to lose my head for defying her. I’ve never known a woman to be such a cunt. Well, ok so M was more of a cunt then Hera. But still.

Karth's Personal Log

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