Entry 2


Wow, a lot of things have happened in just a week. I’m still shaking a little as I write this, so I might not make a whole lot of sense but I’ll try my best.

Um… I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I got out of the hospital and the boat is just as nice as Aelfrik said it would be. It only took me a few days to get it all organized and I think I’ll like it better than my old house. It’s expensive, but it’s all I can afford for now so hopefully I can keep up the payments and work enough on the side.

That’s not that important though. Right now I’m a little afraid, because just today Max was attacked by a woman. She poisoned him and stole some of his blood. Apparently she’s part of the Cheiron group and part of some unit called ADDER. We’re not sure what they’ll do with Max’s blood, but it might reveal stuff about Scions that we don’t want them knowing. Or maybe things about Max… I’m not sure, I just know it’s bad. I haven’t felt so helpless like I did today.

An odd man named Jericho visited me. At first he seemed to have heard about my abilities (which I thought was odd) and wanted to talk to a girl who had passed away. Turns out though that he killed her, and he was actually visiting me to make sure I didn’t try to go help Max. I feel bad too, because I answered a question for him- that a guy named Mike knew Jericho had killed the girl. It was unnerving- Jericho seemed so calm and very polite. I didn’t mind him being on my boat and I made him food and we watched a video together. While he was nice enough and wasn’t cruel or mean about keeping me on the boat, he definitely had a strange aura about him. It was odd… I liked him and he was in a way, alluring, but at the same time the other half of my instincts were screaming at me to run away- that he was horribly dangerous even though he didn’t seem to be so.

But yeah, it gets worse. I just finished making dinner for Max, Liam, and Mike. Mike is a close friend of Liam’s- he sort of reminds me of a father. I think Liam might look up to him in that away. Mike knows a great deal of stuff and seems to inform Liam a lot. He told me about Jericho being the leader of ADDER and apparently the girl he had killed wasn’t his first. Mike said Jericho seemed to have a fixation on women with special gifts and he would stalk them until eventually he killed them and took pieces of their body that contained their power. Not only that, but Mike was the Mike that Jericho knew had information that he had killed that girl. So now Mike has to lay low… and I feel bad about it. I know Liam wouldn’t say anything, but I feel like it’s my fault now that Mike’s in danger….

Mike seems to think Jericho is going stalk me now, but I don’t think so. Seeing ghosts isn’t that special, right? Besides, he doesn’t know about my other abilities. Still, Mike seemed upset that I wasn’t scared by his information but… I guess I just find it hard to be afraid when there’s so much else going on. I’m more afraid for Max right now and what they’ll do to his blood. He was so close to dying too- I think Max and Liam are pretty much friends with me now. I don’t want to lose the few friends I have. Max seemed to take it well though, which I’m glad. I’d hate to see him stressed out or worried- he always seems so calm and he’s incredibly nice to me.

So yeah, now we’ve met with Setsuna before tonight’s dinner and we’ve decided to split up. Max is going to Germany with another Scion named Alyssia to try to get information of where is blood is. I don’t know Alyssia very well but she’s really pretty and the times Jakob and I went out to lunch, he talked about her a lot. He said she was very pretty and was really useful around the Covenant- apparently he helped her out a lot with her equipment and stuff.

Anyway, Max is doing that and Liam and I are going to fly to Los Vegas. Setsuna said they found a vampire contact who said he they had information about Gangrel. So we’re going to a casino where he’s agreed to meet and negotiate with us. We’re not leaving ‘til tomorrow night though, because Aelfrik is going along. He’s not a big fan of other vampires with me around- I jokingly tell him it’s because I’m like his favorite beer and he doesn’t want to risk sharing. He said he didn’t think that was funny but I’m pretty sure I saw him smirk.

But yeah, so tomorrow morning I have a bit of packing to do and then lunch with Jakob. I’m going to just be making him lunch and bringing it to him, mostly though because he asked if I would. He said he had some tips for me about the Jericho thing, so I think he’s being a bit of a worrier without showing it.

I’m looking forward to going to Vegas. I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to visit my sister to see how she’s doing. She told me a few days ago she was working a lot at a casino but her boss was cutting her short on hours, so she needed more money from me this month. It’ll be a little tough but I feel bad that she works so hard and bad things happen to her. It’ll be nice to see her and maybe take her out to dinner to help out.

Well, maybe I’ll get to write in Vegas but I should get to sleep now.


Entry 2

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