Entry 1


Wow, I can’t believe I’m on my third book for writing these silly little entries. I guess it’s a little fitting though, because I just moved to Los Angeles. Writing this is a little uncomfortable, because I can only wiggle my right arm a little bit- it’s broken still from Chicago. After Max, Liam and I found Gangrel and he tore through the city, the Covenant thought it was best to relocate. So, here I am in Los Angeles.

Luckily I saved money, so I had enough to buy a boat and afford the first few month’s rent for the dock. Setsuna offered to pay for the moving expenses and stuff for me but I told her no. Aelfrik said I was being ridiculous, but I really don’t feel right taking money. Besides, I had enough to do it on my own! I haven’t seen the boat yet- only in pictures that Aelfrik sent me since he picked it out. I’m still stuck in the hospital for a week they think. Then I can go and organize everything and hopefully feel at home. I guess the nice thing is I got a job for the forensics department in Los Angeles PD. So I’ll be trying to work right away, otherwise it’ll be hard to send enough money to Shay.

On another note, I’ve been visiting Jakob in his room the past few weeks. I know he gets visitors but the Covenant is so busy, I figured we could hang out together while we’re both recuperating. It was funny at first, because he had a hard time talking- I thought maybe he was one of those types who didn’t like hanging around people that much. After a while though he seemed to talk better and we chat a lot! Although, I feel so bad for him. He said that he wouldn’t be able to walk again and his staff is still missing. I wish there was something I could do for him. He seems so cheerful and upbeat about it, but I know that deep down he has to be a little sad. I vowed to him that I’d get it back- the staff, and who knows… maybe someday there will be a medical technology that can help him walk again. He seems really nice and I’ve definitely gotten to know him a lot better over the past few weeks that we’ve been in the hospital. He’s really smart and really apt with computers too. I watched him play a video game and he was really excited and told me all about it. I don’t quite get it, but it seems pretty neat. Tomorrow we’re going to have a wheelchair race outside after lunch too. He’s always so positive and cheery, it’s fun to be around him. It’s nice having someone to talk to, especially in this stuffy hospital.

Well my arm is pretty sore. I’ll write more when I finally get to see my new boat. <3


Entry 1

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