Tag: Covenant


  • Jakob Miwahli

    Jakob first met Liam, Naia and Max in Chicago and helped them with their first mission, which led to the discovered awakening of Gangrel. In the process, Jakob was severely injured and his staff relic stolen. From the incident, he never fully recovered …

  • Alyssia

    Alyssia aided Liam, Naia and Max in acquiring plane tickets for their various missions. She was then assigned to team up with Max Armod in an attempt to travel to Munich, Germany and retrieve his blood. Tactfully avoiding his advances, they worked …

  • Jack Michaels

    He is known for having an uncountable amount of wealth, as well as owning a famous Casino in Las Vegas- which is usually his normal place to reside. He often lends money to the covenant, as well as enables them use of his private jet and several private …

  • Dr. Jonathan Sense

    Dr. Sense is a surgeon and often works with Dr. Boom on various experiments. He was the contact that Max met to acquire information on the whereabouts of his blood. He seems to be sane.