Rae, the ancestoral companion of Naia bestowed upon by Nepthys.


Rae’s powers lie similar to that of Naia- Perception. The bird perceives a great deal more than mortals, even rivaling some lesser Scions in power. Attune to emotions and having empathy, Rae often serves as an emotional detector for Naia’s own well being. Often, Naia believes Rae is the only one who really can understand inner workings.

Rae also is gifted with healing capacities, although it is unsure to any how far these capabilities go.


Rae was the eternal companion of Nepthys. She was found by Nepthys in the desert, on a day when Nepthys felt far from Set. Perhaps through some sort of understanding of isolation or difference, Rae became endeared to Nepthys. The phoenix remained with the Goddess and aided her in the gathering of Osiris’ remains. Used a sign of trust or perhaps a future, Rae was bestowed upon as a gift from Nepthys to Naia.

Naia, having complete understanding of Rae’s importance, is not quite sure why Nepthys was so ready to give the Benu to her. Perhaps later she will find out.


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