Naia Wolf

Scion of Nepthys. Ever-changing, perceptive and delicate.


I just don’t see the point in fearing death, I mean, the ghosts seem alright with it.

CHARISMA: 6 Epic 3



BIRTHRIGHTS: Creature (Benu), Follower (Aelfrik), Relic (Death/Heku/Guardian Purview)


I just jumped out because he wouldn’t stop.
- Naia’s remarks about jumping out of a moving car.

Naia Wolf, Scion of Nepthys, was born in Elmwood, Minnesota in 1986 on February 27th. A little girl with bright green eyes and a head full of crimson-tinted brown hair, she was always a bit frail and delicate. Although insatiable in her curiosity, Naia seemed to attract more than the usual want of attention.

At the age of five, Naia brought it to the attention of her parents that their house “moved.” Of course, what she meant by this was the fact that their house seemed haunted. Books flew off of shelves, chairs moved on their own and the activity level increased as Naia herself grew older. The family moved with the idea that it was simply the location. However, they soon discovered that it was Naia who seemed to bring the hub of ghostly attention and at the age of 12, Naia began to claim that she saw them on a regular basis. At that point, the family had grown used to such activity and simply decided to live with it.

Upon entering High School, Naia attracted a slew of attention. Her hair was now a long, flowing auburn and her eyes a darker olive green. Her skin was pale and contrasted sharply against her finer features- something that stood out a bit in her Colorado town of Blackwater. Many boys sought after her and she seemed aloof to their desires. Yet, Naia soon lost most of her boyfriends and by the time she was a Junior she was a bit of an outcast. Her unusual remarks about ghosts and her inventive ideas of the dead was the part of her that chased the males away. Only a select few friends kept her around, but most were a bit off put of not only her incredibly perceptive nature, but the strange activity that surrounded her house. So for the most part, Naia explored her town on her own and kept mostly to herself- feeling safer in the idea of family.

Naia went to college at Colorado University where she pursued a degree in Biology. Much of the same story happened here, although with less intensity as there were far more people. Upon reaching age 22 and nearing graduation, her parents passed away due to a plane crash. Left with only a sister of 23, Shay, as family, Naia was devastated. She promptly returned to their old home in Blackwater and began funeral arrangements but at a far slower pace. In the midst of such arrangements, it was then that a ghost of Nepthys reached her.

There, the information was dumped upon her that she was a Scion of Nepthys and that her true identity had been hidden from her until the time was right. It was also revealed that her mother, Dianne, was not her real mother. A soft explanation of Naia’s true gifts and the words that, “Your abilities and other gifts you shall discover on your own with the help of these..” were given, along with an amulet and bracelet made of silver and gold. The amulet depicted a picture of Ra, and with it Naia discovered she could summon a Benu bird. The bracelet, depicting a swirling river, wrapped about her wrist and was the source of her Death purview.

Naia however, with her parent’s deaths fresh in her mind, could not handle such information all at once. She broke down and began talking to the ghosts numbly- that she saw with greater severity. They seemed to flock to her, to either watch, chat or prod her. Inside of the house, were still the bodies of Naia’s parents, prepared in coffins awaiting their funeral. Yet, Naia had canceled the funeral and pushed all relatives away -including her sister. She refused to let anyone in the house, hoping that somehow the ghosts of her parents would return to her. Yet day after day, they did not.

Eventually the police were summoned to the house, the smell of decay and rot wafting from the structure. They demanded entrance but Naia refused, until they eventually broke into the house and attempted to arrest Naia as well as inform her that the house was to be foreclosed.

It was there, Naia lost any semblance of sanity remaining within her. She screamed and squirmed free to the house of the basement, managing to get to the corpses of her parents. She cried and pleaded for her parents to return to her, opening the coffins as she did so. The police attempted to restrain her, but Naia protested with surprising ferociousness. She managed to stroke the cheek of her mother, pleading for her return and with that act she unknowingly tapped into her Death purview- reanimating the dead. Yet, Naia had not yet managed to grasp the idea that she could either tap into the old soul of the body to summon its personality and its memories OR she simply could reactivate the body, making it mindless and void.

Thus, she rose the mindless body of her parents and it was there that they killed the two policemen in the basement. As soon as the “danger” had passed, the bodies returned to their lifeless state. Panicked and shocked, Naia ran.

Dirtied and somber, clinging to the thread of sanity that had been given to her by such an act, Naia wandered the streets of Denver. The night air was cool and it was near 2 o’clock. The street that Naia walked down upon was small and harbored the back entrances to a few restaurants. It was there that Naia heard the gurgling struggle of a man being held up by his neck by another blonde-haired, black-coated fellow. With strength that far surpassed any human male, the black-coated man killed the other by strangulation alone. Naia watched with little hesitation or fear. Smelling her, the male soon to be known as Aelfrik, whirled about and seized Naia by the neck as well. He faltered, scenting that she had no fear and asked her why. It was there Naia informed him that she didn’t fear death and she wasn’t sure if she cared about dying.

Slightly intrigued by this woman, Aelfrik demanded she go to a bar to buy him a drink. Naia obliged (even without having any money) and it was that act that initiated their relationship.

Eventually, helped by her curiosity in Aelfrik (whom she discovered was a Vampire of no particular clan), Naia recomposed herself and sold the house. She also gave her parents a proper funeral. Upon speaking with Shay, an agreement was made that Naia would aid her sister by giving her money ever few months to help with her living costs. Shay then moved to Los Angeles and Naia gained her degree. A few months later, Naia moved to the Chicago area and opened up her own “Sunny Days” Funeral parlor while also becoming a mortician. It was there, she spent a mostly normal year.

Then, one night while working upon a body, Naia unknowingly encountered a Titanspawn…

... and that marked the beginning of her journey, in the Requiem campaign.

- Naia’s new home, has a ghost named Ed that permanently haunts her. Although he throws food and likes to mess up her place, he’s quite harmless and rather affectionate of Naia.
- Naia picked up an odd habit of being able to fix motorcycles and cars, as well as hot wire them.
- Naia, while outwardly silly and air-headed, is actually quite intelligent. Her outward demeanor, like many characters, is only a front she puts on.
- Her lack of fear in death is more of a weakness then strength, as it often has her doing things she shouldn’t- such as jumping out of a moving car at full speed.
- She has absolutely no fighting skills or weapons. She’s never used them in her life so it wouldn’t make sense for her to pick it up or like it either. She tries, though, for fitting in purposes as the campaign goes on. “Tries” being the key word.
- She’s not much of a leader and has difficulties making decisions. She finds it more pleasing to follow others and let them decide, as she views herself less intelligent than most. (Self confidence issues, although that’s not outwardly apparent.)

Naia Wolf

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