Max Armod

Financial Consultant in his own consultation firm. Also does 'cloak and dagger' mercenary work, or on his own whims.


Attributes (epic) Strength: 2 (1) Charisma: 4 (2) Perception: 3 (0) Dexterity: 5 (4) Manipulation: 7 (6) Intelligence: 4 (3) Stamina: 5 (4) Appearance: 3 (2) Wits: 4 (1)

  • Academics-3 {} Control-1 {} Melee-1
  • Animal Ken-1 {} Empathy-1 {} Politics – 1
  • Athletics-2 {} Fortitude -1 {} Presence -4
  • Awareness-4 {} Integrity-2 {} Stealth-4
  • Brawl-3 {} Larceny-2 {} Survival-1
  • Command-1 {} Marksmanship-4{}
  • Fire – O Fire Immunity
  • Psychopomp – O Unerring Orientation OO Where Are You? OOO Unbarred Entry
  • Darkness – O Night Eyes OO Shadow Mask OOO Shadow Refuge
Hero Knacks (Demigod)
  • Strength: Holy Bound
  • Dexterity: Trick Shooter, Lightning Sprinter, Monkey Climber (Whirlwind Shield)
  • Stamina: Self-Healing, Inner Furnace, Soliphistic Well-Being, (Regeneration)
  • Charisma: Charmer, Inspirational Figure
  • Manipulation: God’s Honest, Overt Order, Takes One To Know One, Stench of Guilt, (Rumor Mill), (Hard Sell)
  • Appearance: Come Hither, Center of Attention
  • Intelligence: Math Genius, Fast Learner, Perfect Memory
  • Wits: Social Chameleon
  • Lift Weight (Strength + Athletics) + (Epic Strength Lift Bonus 500) = 850 pounds
  • Jump 12 yards straight up, 24 horizontally
  • Dodge DV 14, Parry DV 11
  • Speed +7 yards than normal. Dash is +14 yards from normal
  • Health 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/I/
  • Soak (with bulletproof vest) A:6 L:25 B:25
  • 7 weeks without food or sleep, 4 weeks without water
  • 40x breath holding
  • 2 free Presence rerolls per scene

Max is a lot like James Bond. Except he’d never do anything for queen and country, or more accurately, Mr. President and the American government. He prefers to hold no alliances to any sort of organization, be it government or corporate. He can, however, hold alliances to people he feels deserve it, namely his friends. He does in fact make friends, even as his selfish nature would suggest against. He holds them dear enough to actually risk money or life to help them. Just not too much.

Max prefers to get his way on anything, and his skills with manipulation help him to do so. He can hold great vengeance against those who he cannot convince or manipulate, or those who betray him.

Max is quite obviously a ladies man, going through women like he goes through scotch. Quickly.

Max Armod

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