Jakob Miwahli

Scion of Monkey, skilled hacker, and newly appointed leader of the Covenant


Since the incident in Chicago, Jakob is bound to a wheelchair. A bit on the lean side due to his constant gaming, Jakob often is seen awake or peddling away at his laptop. Currently, he is the leader of the Covenant- passed down to him by Setsuna. Since then, he’s become a bit headstrong and is growing as a leader- while still being a slightly awkward “nerd” at times.


Jakob first met Liam, Naia and Max in Chicago and helped them with their first mission, which led to the discovered awakening of Gangrel. In the process, Jakob was severely injured and his staff relic stolen. From the incident, he never fully recovered and hasn’t regained function of his legs.

Jakob then served more as an offsite hacker for the trio, supplying them with technology and information. However, that changed shortly after the Covenant’s headquarters in Los Angeles was attacked. Upon Setsuna’s death, Jakob became the leader of the Covenant and since then has been trying to hold the pieces together. Stressed and often lacking sleep, so far he has been keeping things moving.

As of late, Jakob has been gaining more leadership potential. However, there seems to be a strange air between him and Naia.

Jakob Miwahli

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