The Guardian of Naia, armed with guns, death glares and swear words.


Aelfrik stands tall with a muscular build. His complexion overall is pale, having not seen in the sun in several years. His eyes are a liquid azure blue, with darker steel blue near the outer rim and his white-blonde hair often has a few strands messily splayed over his gaze. Overall, his hair is a medium/short cut, a few strands framing along his ears and forehead while the rest is ruffled upwards until it reaches his neck baseline, in which it remains flowing downwards in a short-cut fashion.

He normally and quite often is seen wearing blue jeans, black boots and a long flowing black trench coat. He rarely has a shirt, unless he needs to to blend in and even then he most likely wouldn’t wear one. He also usually wears sport sunglasses.


Little is known about Aelfrik, other than he’s a vampire with an attitude and guns to back it up. His relationship with Naia isn’t fully clear, although he’s obviously quite protective of her. Seems to have a few good contacts, although he doesn’t disclose any information. Ever.

Fun Facts About Aelfrik
- He’s more likely to shoot you than hug you
- His favorite drink is beer, Guinness.
- No one really knows when Aelfrik feeds or how he goes about it. Rumor has it he kills only in the streets.
- Aelfrik rarely wears a shirt unless its necessary to not stand out. Sometimes he doesn’t wear a shirt even if he does stand out. Claims shirts are uncomfortable around his shoulders.
- Aelfrik has three distinct scars upon his torso- a particularly large one gashing across his abdominal muscles.
- If Aelfrik can run, he walks. If he can walk, he sits. Then he’ll shoot you.


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