Jack Michaels

Scion of Hades, financier (and betrayer!) of the Covenant


Jack is a smooth talker and a business man. He is always seen wearing the best suit money can buy and is spotless in appearance.


He is known for having an uncountable amount of wealth, as well as owning a famous Casino in Las Vegas- which is usually his normal place to reside. He often lends money to the covenant, as well as enables them use of his private jet and several private hotels.

UPDATE Jack mysteriously went missing a for a few days, until it was discovered by Naia that he in fact was working against the Covenant for a group called, “The Martyrs.” It is only known that he supports the Titans and aims to work against the Covenant and impede them from succeeding in their mission.

He also seems to be using Alyssia’s body as some sort of relic, which he calls Ophelia.

Jack Michaels

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