Scion of Aphrodite, field agent of the Covenant, Deceased


Alyssia used to work in the Covenant as a field agent, often going out on missions for them. Her powers to bend emotions and work the wills of others was very useful for undercover work. Disillusioned with men altogether, she rarely paid attention to anyone other than what was required of for missions at hand.


Alyssia aided Liam, Naia and Max in acquiring plane tickets for their various missions. She was then assigned to team up with Max Armod in an attempt to travel to Munich, Germany and retrieve his blood. Tactfully avoiding his advances, they worked together until Max left to meet with a contact in Italy without informing her. Their mission leader, Setsuna, pulled Max from the case.

The mission continued however, and with the help of Isaac and Jack, the three managed to retrieve Max’s blood. Unfortunately Alyssia’s car was targeted and she fell behind. Later, her body was recovered by the Covenant- her eyes missing, having been killed by Jericho and her eyes taken and implanted into him.


Alyssia’s body apparently is now being used by Jack by some means, although it is apparent that Alyssia’s soul does not inhabit the body.


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