The Aftermath

Fleeing Chicago, the Scions found themselves in Los Angelas, rebuilding their lives and laying low as the Covenant recovered from the loss of the city. In a surprise operation, member of Cheiron Group’s Primary Procurement Unit ADDER were able to obtain a sample of Max’s blood to be analyzed. In the aftermath, Coach Mike informed Naia of the ill intentions of ADDER’s leader: Jericho. Meeting with the covenant the next day, the Scion split up in order to assess the options presented to them. Liam and Naia traveled to Las Vegas to meet with Jack, the chief financier of the Covenant and Scion of Hades. He introduced them to a representative of the Tzimisce vampire clan who offered information on how to defeat Gangrel in exchange for technolgy and a promies of a demonstration of Liam and Naia’s divine abilities. Over the course of the coversation, the represenattive revealed that Tzimisce, the antidelluvian founder of his clan had also awakened some time in the past and awaited their meeting in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Max traveled to Munich Germany in the company of Alyssia, a Scion of Aphrodite. Despite giving Max’s advances the cold sholder, Alyssia introduced him to the Covenant’s contact within Cheiron: Dr. Jonathan Sense, an experimental bioimplantation surgeon. Dr. Sense informed Max where his blood was being kept and gave him the means to access that lab. It would be up to Max to penentrate Cheiron’s defenses in order to get to that point. As they parted ways, Dr. Sense warned Max of ADDER’s return to Munich, presumably following Max’s trail. He did mention that ADDER would be making a stop along the way for what Jericho claimed was “R&R”. Max’s time is running out quickly though as ADDER visits Las Vegas it is perhaps Liam and Naia who are in the most immediate danger.

And through it all the mysterious contact Judas Redeemed has contacted Max, urging him to visit the Vatican, claiming that everything that has happened just far is nothign but a screen put up over the truth of the world.

Paths open and close as the Scions fight against a world that seems to be falling apart. And thoughout it all, a figure lurks in the shadows plotting, scheming, dreaming about the stage set before him.



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