Setting the Stage

Max, taking matters into his own hand, traveled to the Vatican without informing Alyssia. There, he met a representative of the Lucifuge, an organization made up of those claiming lineage to Satan. There he was informed that the Covenant, far from the innocent organization it had seemed to be, was actually attempting the bring about the Apocalypse far sooner than intended. In addition, the representative warned Max of the Vatican’s connection with some offshoot of the Nazi Party that had survived WWII. After his meeting, and a brief run in with Gaia, Max received a call informing him that his unexcused absence in the midst of an important missions had pushed Setsuna to remove him from the blood retrieval team, cutting him off in fear of his rogue tendencies. Angered and feeling wronged, Max turned his attention to Liam and Naia who he agreed to meet in Tokyo to aid them in their own search for information.

Keeping Max’s presence a secret, the Scion traveled deep below the streets of Tokyo into abandoned subway tunnels. Watched by countless invisible eyes, they met with the fleshy montrosity that was Tzimisce. Seemingly nothing more than a giant wall of flesh, Tzimisce nonetheless spoke to the Scion regarding the antidelluvians. Claiming that they had overcome their hereditary weaknesses, Tzimisce proclaimed that only Cain’s blood could weaken them sufficiently to be slain. While pondering this information, Tzimisce attacked, intending to utilize their abilities to strengthen his own clan for the upcoming vampire war. Max and Liam escaped thanks to Naia’s willing capture. A short time later, Naia made her own escape through her Ethereal Jaunt boon though not before experiencing the horrors of Fleshcrafting for herself. United once again, the Scion fled Tokyo back to LA where Max and Naia would share what they had learned with Setsuna.



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