Upon returning to LA, Max was put to the test. Jack and Jakob, individually, confronted him on his action, forcing him to utilize his God’s Honest knack against them to defend himself. Watched secretly by camera, Setsuna called Max out on the use of his powers against those he called his Allies. Offering him an ultimatum, to relay the information he learned in Italy, Setsuna was forced to eject Max from the Covenant when he attempted to negotiate with her. As he prepared to leave, Jakob revealed that while their mission had been a success, Alyssia had died in the extraction, taken by Jericho and found missing her eyes. Meeting with Liam and Naia after Max’s departure, Setsuna spoke on what Max had earlier told them regarding the Covenant’s true goals. She admitted that they were indeed attempting to hasten the Apocalypse, to cause it to occur sooner rather than later in an attempt to save as many lives as possible. When the Titans awaken after the conclusion of the Apocalypse, Setsuna intended to capture them within a new world of their own creation, one caught in a perpetual loop of birth and rebirth, thus trapping the Titans within it, away from Earth.

Setsuna tasked the Scion with discovering a way to find Cain’s blood in order to defeat the Antidelluvians. After much thought, they agreed to contact the Aegis Kai Doru, curators of relics of ages past and offer them Alyssia’s former relics in exchange for information. A confrontation with Jericho immediately outside Mr. Ramen’s but a damper on their resolve but Naia nonetheless posted the relics on Ebay and arranged a meeting with a buyer. The buyer turned out to be Neal, a member of the Aegis Kai Doru who agreed to search their impressive store of information in exchange for the relics. They agreed to meet in Jerusalem two days later.

All seemed to be going well, until Liam received a phonecall from Jericho, imploring him to go home because “someone is waiting for you”. Upon arriving he discovered the body of Coach Mike, killed by Kate “Widow” Illena. Ripped apart emotionally, Liam buried his mentor at sea and made his troubled way to Naia’s boat where he collapsed in grief. The next day, Setsuna released the Scion to finish ADDER who had proven themselves far too persistent and dangerous to be allowed to live. Liam called Max in his blind fury and both took the first flight to New York, leaving the non-combatant Naia behind.



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