Rise to godhood, Love Triangles, and Wyrm Squashing

After destroying the leaders of the Vampire Apocalypse causing an end to Vampires as we know it besides Aelfrik, who is astonishingly resilient, our heroes were picked by their patron gods to become gods themselves. Liam became Stormdancer. Naia became the goddess of Twisted Fate, and Karth became Asher god of Chaos and Destruction. Their first mission which had a few hang ups. One of them being gaining mental control over Karth’s increasingly unstable nature due to his rise to godhood and secrets upon secrets kept by Naia as the love triangle gains in tension and uncomfortablity with Jakob and Aelfrik the gang along with Jakob, Christine, and a newly risen from the dead: Isaac went on their first mission to destroy a Titan creation called the Wyrm which was part of the werewolf Apocalypse.

Currently the events as follows are: Liam and Christine are going to be big heroes amongst their Pantheon. Aelfrik has learned the secret of Naia and Set. Karth pretty much told Hera, who he had become a servant of due to a indiscretion of a flirty nature to take the fact she finds what she wants him to do for her more important then the mission and his colleagues and shove it up her arse.



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