Deus Irae

During thier recovery, the Scion were once again confronted by the Titans. Informed that each of them were, in fact, vessels for one of the Titans to facilitate their return to the planet, they, willingly or not, forcefully increased the powers of the Scion, declaring that their current level of power was growing too weak to contain the ever increasing presence of the Titan. Now Demigods, the Scion met with Setsuna once again who relayed the information Isaac, a Scion who had traveled to Jerusalem in their stead following the events with ADDER, had garnered. While unable to recover Jakob’s staff, Isaac had learned that the Ark of the Covenant containing Cain’s body was in the hands of the Catholic Church. The Scion, with Max, prepared to travel to Rome to extract the Ark’s location. Upon their arrival however, Liam recieved a call from Setsuna who told him she was under attack by unknown forces and that she had backed up her information should something happen to her. Panicked, Naia and Jakob prepared to fly back to LA with Aelfrik to provide aid while Liam and Max initiated their investigation. As Max manipulated a man into believing he was Christ Reborn and leading a mob to the Vatican as a distracted, Jakob and Naia poured through the phone records of everyone as Jakob announced that only someone who Setsuna had accepted into the Covenant could share the location of their bases. They were horrified to find phone calls implicating Max in the murder and immediately returned to Rome while Liam separated himself from Max with great haste.

Max, realizing he had been made fled with his personal assistant to London where he would plot his next move. The Covenant sent Aelfrik after him, who soon contacted Cheiron whom he knew would also enjoy Max’s death. Meeting up with Tobais Maxwell, John’s estranged brother, Aelfrik prepared to hunt Max as Cheiron kidnapped Tobias’ family to ensure his cooperation. A meeting with Morpheus raised the stakes as Tobias was provided with the contact information of both Max and the Covenant.

In Rome, Naia and Liam prepared to infiltrate the Vatican more…stealthily than Max’s methods. Confronting a meeting of Cardinals within the palace, they seemed to make no headway as Liam’s threats and Naia’s words only served to agitate the one Cardinal willing to speak. Liam extracted himself from the area as Naia enters her ethereal form to follow the talkative Cardinal back to his office. Restraining the urge to cough, a mysterious ailment plaguing her since her recovery from New York, Naia prepared to gather what information she could before returning to the others. Revealing himself as an Exorcist, Cardinal Tirion Fordring invited Naia to speak more freely, no longer in the presence of less informed colleagues. Listening to her words, and appreciating her candor, Tirion agreed to set up a meeting with the Pope, the only man alive who knew the location of the Ark of the Covenant. Successful in her mission, Naia returned to the hotel.

The next night, upon the arrival of Isaac and Christine who relayed the deaths of Setsuna and Hans, Liam, Naia, and Christine returned to the Vatican and met with his Holiness. While the conversation seemed to go well at first, the Pope soon revealed his true colors as a member of Millenium, the revived forces of Nazi Germany. In what some may call a hasty response, Liam killed the Pope with lightning forcing Naia to raise his corpse and extract the information with her power. Possessing this knowledge, the Scion were confronted by Tirion who raged into a fury at their betrayal of his trust. In the scuffle, Naia was seriously injured when Liam struck the Cardinal, the Exorcist using a form of sympathetic binding with Naia at the time. With the forces of the Vatican fast converging on their location, Liam blasted his way through a Titan empowered shield only to find a larger, more powerful one encircling the city as a hole.

Fate seemed to smile upon them however as an embedded agent of Liam’s organization discovered them first and led them into the catacombs deep beneath the city streets, the only method of escape. Slain by Morpheus in the process of escape, Liam and Naia found themselves trapped in a maze of corpses, guided only by the troubled, incoherent ghost of the guard. Morpheus wanted them out of the picture for some time. For what however? And as time counts down to his death, Max must make his first move quickly. And throughout it all, the growing threat of the Vampire elders looms ever present as a dark, twisted form escapes from Chicago.



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