Blood and Ashes

Naia, sitting at home, recieved a phonecall from Jericho, implying that the body they were keeping in New York until one of their primary doctors could arrive, the entire reason Setsuna ordered Liam to fly there and retrieve information on ADDER, was in fact Aelfrik. Panicking, Naia called Jack who agreed to allow her the use of his private jet to reach New York in time. Little to Naia’s knowledge, Jack was in the hire of Cheiron himself. Poisoned by Kate in flight, Naia was captured by Jericho who, having not been able to decide which part of Naia granted her her powers, began to brainwash the Scion into serving him completely, utilizing his hyponotic voice and the alluring properties of Alyssia’s eyes as well as more….physical means.

Liam and Max arrived in New York, discovering Naia’s predicament soon after. With no leads to follow and Aelfrik and Jakob on the case, they pushed forward with their mission. Gaining entry into the hidden North Tower of the World Trade Center, Liam and Max were surprised to find themselves welcome. Meeting Dr. Boom, Dr. Sense’s partner, they were informed on the abilities of ADDER. From the living weapon Lobo, to the poison kiss of Kate. From the wholly electronic Geist, to the supernatural sniper Spectre. Upon questioning the reasoning behind his generosity, Dr. Boom informed them that ADDER was setting an ambush as they talked, using the Scion to gather information on the capabilities of the team. Exiting the laboratory, Liam and Max prepared themselves for combat.

Bloodied and battered, Liam and Max emerged triumphant from their confrontation though in the process they accepted a deal with their Titan antagonists, granting them massive temporary power and more subtle long term changes. With ADDER dead save Kate who escaped in the midst, Max was forced to accept an emergency transplant from Dr. Sense in order to temporarily counteract the poison Kate had used on him. Liam too was sedated, his arm practically severed in the process of his battle with Spectre.

Awaking days later, the Scion were informed on the location of Jericho’s home. Arriving there with the Aesir, a contingent of mortal Covenant troops, they were appalled to find that Jericho’s brainwashing seemed to have been successful as a scantily clad Naia hung on his every word. Untouchable due to his shadowy properties, Jericho mocked them both with his triumphs, taking amusement in their pain. A fast thinking Max managed to injure Jericho however as he solidified his arm to hold Naia. Springing from hiding, Aelfrik threw the stake Jericho had used on him earlier through Liam, and specifically through Jericho’s blood that had spattered on the Scion, striking Jericho in the chest and forcefully solidifying him. Liam took great pleasure in blowing the ADDER leader’s head off.

Naia however had struck her own unwilling deal with a Titan during the chaos, giving her the power to break free from Jericho’s mental control. Jericho’s ghost however prayed on her weakness following his assaults on her causing her to lose control and attack her friends, raising Jericho’s decapitated body as some type of empowered zombie. Through Aelfrik’s intervention however, Naia managed to snap back to herself in time to stop her attack though her actions horrified her.

The threat of ADDER solved, for now, the Scion returned home to rest and come to grips with what had happened to them over the last days. Max began counting his days, a month until the poison overtook him, a month to find Kate and retrieve the antidote.



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